5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Google+

| July 22, 2014 | Strategic Growth

The 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael

Stelzner reveals 65% of businesses surveyed indicate Google+ is the top social media site they want to learn more about.

There have been some recent changes associated with Google+. However, that is to be expected with any of the social media platforms. This is why every
business shouldn’t be using social media in a vacuum, but to drive traffic to its owned media, such as websites, blogs, and newsletters.

In this regard, Google+ offers some distinct advantages.

#1 – Google+ is Google

To say that Google+ is Google is more than acknowledging that Google owns Google+. The true significance is that Google+ is an integrated ecosystem of
multiple Google properties, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and more.

Google+ is not so much a social network as it is an identity service for helping Google understand your business’
relevance and authority. This is why many of us like to think of Google+ as a direct line for communicating with Google.

#2 – Higher Search Rankings

You may have recently noticed your Google search results are more frequently returning mentions from within Google+. This is not an accident.

Controlling approximately two-thirds of all search traffic in North America, Google is the dominant player for helping potential buyers find your business
online. Search results from within Google+ are often ranking above the original source.

#3 – Google Authorship

Google Authorship gives authors of original content a means for receiving attribution for their work, regardless of where it may be published. This is
accomplished with Google connecting the dots between one’s personal Google+ profile and the destination publishing site.

It was recently announced that Google will cease publishing the photos of authors within search results, which was one of the valuable features of Google
Authorship. However, this does not diminish the online authority that Google+ offers content creators.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stated, “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without
such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.” That verification is accomplished with Google

#4 – Google+ is Local

Local businesses in particular benefit from Google+ because, among other features, Maps and Google Local Reviews are prominently displayed within Google
search results.

Clicking on the “business” link on the Google home page will take you to a page where Google makes it
clear that it wants to help businesses be found online.

550_2014-06-29 2nd Google

Google understands the relevance of this information for helping buyers, especially the 50% of consumers searching the web for local businesses from their
mobile devices.

#5 – YouTube Integration

In addition to delivering engaging multi-media content, YouTube is one of the most powerful search engines on the web. YouTube is also tightly integrated
with Google+.

For example, when someone makes a comment on one of your YouTube videos, that comment is shared with your Google+ circles. It is also shared with the
Google+ circles of the user making the comment. The result for a business is using YouTube and Google+ together to reach more influencers and potential

These are just a few reasons why leading marketers are taking full advantage of what Google+ offers their businesses.

Jeff Korhan, MBA, is the author of  Built-In Social: Essential Social Marketing Practices for Every Small Business (Wiley 2013), a Social Media for Business bestseller that delivers proven methods for converting social marketing best practices into profitable outcomes. He is a marketing and business trends expert helping mainstream businesses adapt their traditional growth practices to a digital world. Jeff is a syndicated publisher and regular content contributor to leading business publications, with his own New Media and Small Business Marketing site ranking among the Top 100 Small Business blogs in the world.

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