Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations!

| November 10, 2015 | Technology & Innovation


Celebrate, Empower and Support Women In Business Worldwide on November 19th, 2015  for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations!

WED provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to the ideas of world-class speakers, and be a part of a larger discussion to empower women in business
worldwide. Major Fortune 500 companies and various female company founders, Philanthropists, CEO’s, Creatives, and business leaders that will be speaking and championing our event this year!

The event will be live streamed in 144 countries and 800 universities. Your support for this year’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day will empower the 4 billion
women on the planet, bring hope, and help elevate the 250 million girls living in poverty! This global event is the world’s largest celebration of women innovators
and job creators launching startups; bringing ideas to life, driving economic growth, and expanding human welfare.

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