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| October 11, 2014 | Our Global Partners


Finding the right market for your product or service can mark the difference between a successful experienced and a failed transaction. MasterCard Biz—in partnership with RGX’s Global Export Network—can help you identify the best markets and buyers for your products worldwide.

MasterCard is offering its MasterCard Biz cardholders in the Caribbean the opportunity to submit up to four queries to RGX’s network of trade experts and business consultants at no charge.

Click here and complete the simple form. Within 48 hours one of RGX’s consultants specialized in cross-border trade will contact you to get started on your query.

Like in the case of the first four queries, after a cardholder submit his/her request online one of RGX’s consultants will get in touch with the cardholder to expand and elaborate on the submitted query. This initial conversation will allow the consultant to perform three key tasks:

1.) Define a scope for the query;

2.) Ensure that the consultant has all of the pertinent information to adequately address the query;

3.) Establish with the cardholder the deliverables and delivery date.

The cost of further queries will be determined by RGX based on the information requested. The cardholder will be able to choose whether to continue with the request at the end of the initial telephone conversation with the RGX consultant for the established fee.


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