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| October 11, 2014 | FAQs

Why is MasterCard offering these services?

MasterCard wants to help small and medium-sized enterprises expand their business beyond Colombia and RGX can help do that.


Are the consulting services only available to MasterCard Business Card accounts?

Yes, MasterCard Biz and the consulting services offered by RGX through the MasterCard Biz site comprise an exclusive benefit available only to MasterCard Business cardholders in Colombia, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Who is RGX?

RGX Global Export Network is a consulting firm working with more than 180,000 small and medium business in 42 countries. With 15 years of experience in the market, the firm’s reach among SMBs is the result, in large part, of its relationships as a partner and supplier of content, training and consulting services of more than 700 chambers of commerce and business associations and government agencies implementing projects and growth strategies among cross-border companies.


If I don’t have a MasterCard Business Card but I still want to hire RGX, can I?

The MasterCard Business Card account includes four free services; every additional service is available at a special rate (USD 800) for MasterCard Business Card accounts. If you do not have a MasterCard Business card, you may request the services but they will not be available at this special rate exclusively available to MasterCard Business cardholders.


Why should I have a MasterCard Business Card?

Seeing where your money is being spent while staying on top of your company’s cash flow is a lot simpler with the tools and support SMEs get from the MasterCard Business Card. With a small business credit card from MasterCard, tracking expenses is simplified, so staying focused on business is easy.


What information will I have to give to RGX?

As an exclusive service for MasterCard Business cardholders, RGX will ask for the last six digits of the MasterCard Business card in order to verify the eligibility of the person requesting the service and keep track of requests. RGX will also request additional pertinent information about the cardholder’s business, industry and/or product in order to fulfill the consulting inquiry.


How much does the consulting service cost?

Each MasterCard Business account can submit up to four free consulting queries at no cost. All subsequent queries will cost USD 800 and are payable exclusively with their MasterCard business card.


How many consulting inquiries can I submit?

Each MasterCard Business account can submit up to four consulting inquiries at no cost. All subsequent queries will cost USD 800 and are payable exclusively with their MasterCard business card.


Can I choose any consulting service from the list?

Yes, there are four different consulting services available. Cardholders can choose from the list of services and request whichever service(s) best match(es) their current business needs. As part of the initial process, an RGX consultant will go over the inquiry with your client and may suggest a different service if in their professional opinion there is a better option for your client.

Cardholder may request all four services at once or just one and in any combination they see fit.


How can I request a consulting service from RGX?

MasterCard Business cardholders can contact RGX by clicking here.  After submitting a request, the cardholder will receive an automated reply. An RGX consultant will contact the cardholder within 48 hours. Once the cardholder has spoken with an RGX consultant, he/she may be asked to submit additional information or to set up a call with one of RGX’s consultants in order to complete the request.


Can I call RGX?

Yes, MasterCard Business cardholders can call (+5411) 6009-2481 Monday thru Friday from 9:00am until 4:00pm (GMT-5) to reach an RGX consultant. In the event that no one is available, your client will be asked to leave a message (including their name, telephone number and email address) and an RGX consultant will return your phone call within 24hrs or the next business day.


Can I send RGX an email?

Yes, MasterCard Business cardholders can send an email to RGX at and an RGX consultant will respond within 48 hours or the next business day.


Will the information I give RGX be kept confidential?

Yes. RGX will take every measure to ensure the confidentiality of any information you provide for the provision of the consultancy services.

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