About RGX

| November 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

RGX, Global Export Network is an organization consisting of a multinational network that is dedicated to training and consulting in international business.

Operating in more than 42 countries and since July 1999, our goal is to help companies in their internationalization process, offering a mix of tools to help them grow and expand overseas successfully.

Composed of more than 150 trade specialists renowned, has international experience in order to provide the most efficient service to its customers.


Being Consultants Network No. 1 in advice and training in international business.


Give assistance, knowledge and contacts necessary to all companies interested in entering and successfully expand into the international market.


Experience: Our specialists have enough to advise our clients on the best practices of internationalization experience.

Leadership: Our consultants are carefully chosen to enter and remain within the Global Network of Export, with a vision of our ideal long term.

Commitment: Our goal is to help and encourage as many businesses as possible, a proper introduction and permanence world exporter.

Integrity: The reality is demonstrated by the facts, so we maintain accountability and integration of all our consultants and unwavering values.

Innovation: To adapt and grow in a changing world, we must be innovative in how we deliver our value to the marketplace.