Technology opportunities of Covid-19

| July 21, 2020 | Articles


If your business is dedicated to technology, you have a great opportunity. You can design a specific area to help SMEs to adapt their operations to the new developments and needs left by the pandemic. Here are some examples:

  • Advisory on the installation of digital payment methods.
  • Adoption of secure networks and media.
  • Home office systems (videoconferences, internal communication tools, project management applications and platforms).
  • Design and creation of Internet sites through various platforms.
  • Creation and administration of social networks.
  • Possible adoption and implementation of a virtual store on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Mercado Libre or, in the case of Chile, Linio, a platform with which Mastercard® has an alliance. Those who want to take advantage of this alliance from today until December 31, 2020 will only pay 6% commission, will have access to trainings on how to increase sales on the site and outstanding campaigns to obtain greater visibility for your products.

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For example, a study by the firm GoDaddy carried out in Spain, shows that 60% of SMEs consider it would have been convenient to have had a website on the days of the Covid-19 confinement, thereby this type of business will continue to have shortcomings in technological matters, management of social networks and connectivity, among others, which will cause limitations to deal with the current environment where consumers demand new services and communication channels.

In this sense, if you have become an expert in creating websites, developing mobile applications and installing networks and computer equipment, the present situation offers you business niches in micro, small and medium-sized companies in your community, since many of them are just turning to see technological tools as an important means of operating their business.

Imagine the following scenario: a store that for years has limited its business to receiving cash payments. Obviously, a large number of clients avoid the use of cash due to the fear of being infected with Covid-19 through the use of bills and coins, thus seeking possible ways to utilize electronic means.

Thus, if technology is your business, you can guide them from the internet connection of a computer to the adoption of accounting software for their business and the acceptance of electronic means of payment, where Mastercard® and the financial institutions with which it has strategic alliances can offer digital and contactless alternatives to decrease the use of cash.

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For more complex small companies, the development of an application for internet sales or the simple advisory services to use platforms already existing in the market can also become a viable alternative for your business. Unfortunately, many of the micro, small and medium businesses have not adopted technology for a fear of experimenting new means of contact with their customers, a factor that reduces their competitiveness, as we have seen during the days of confinement in the Covid-19 pandemic.

We recommend you looking at companies in your community and, if you are dedicated to technology, you can offer specific products and services to SMEs close to your business, where the main attraction feature will be to provide new means of adapting to the requirements arising from the health contingency.

On the other hand, if you are interested in turning your SME into a much more technological business without hiring a consultancy or external service, you can analyze the following tools that will be of great help in the implementation of home office schemes, project management, internal communication, new sales channels and creation of your website:

To implement home office:


Google Apps (Google Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, GMail, Drive)

Microsoft Teams

To optimize internal communication:


Workplace from Facebook



For project management:




Website creation:




Online courses




Online sales

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