New normal and home delivery: this is what you should know

| July 31, 2020 | Articles

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The operation of small and medium-sized companies in the current economic recovery context after the health contingency, forces businesses to reinforce their security measures beyond guaranteeing the use of masks or sanitizing gel.

At this time, customers expect that all products arriving at their home are 100% safe and, with that in mind, they will seek companies that can ensure the proper handling of remote shipping.

According to information from courier companies such as DHL or FedEx, security protocols have become increasingly stringent, following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce any possibility of contagion in package delivery.

For example, FedEx explains to its users that the probability of contamination of commercial goods by an infected person is low; thereby, the risk of contracting the virus that causes Covid-19 from a package that has been moved, transported and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is also very reduced.

In this link you can see the measures implemented by FedEx, as well as the most frequently asked questions from its users. If your SME implemented home deliveries due to the pandemic, you can analyze these measures and take those applicable to your business.

In this same sense, DHL highlights that all its shipments are complying with the protocols established by the official authorities in each country, following the recommendations of both international organizations and local health authorities, applying the strictest standards for package deliveries.

Preventive measures range from greater social distancing to the sanitization of shipments, guaranteeing that a product free of contagion will be delivered to the door of a user’s home.

To see the actions DHL is applying during the health contingency click here.

According to the international companies’ protocols, it will be very important for SMEs in Latin America to assure that the products sent to their clients have a very low risk and that is why we encourage them to apply the same measures used by large courier firms and, if necessary, take over the home delivery of their products, giving consumers the confidence of a very low risk in the presence of Covid-19.

As part of the recovery path that micro, small and medium-sized companies in Latin America must undertake, it is very important to take a commitment to deliver a 100% safe product to the customers, a key factor in maintaining user’s loyalty. Following are some of the recommendations that MSMEs must comply with, in face of the new operation of business:

  • Keep track of the products from the time they leave the company until the customer confirms receipt.
  • Send a message or make a call to the customer to reassure that the merchandise is safe and can be handled without any risk of contagion.
  • Establish an open communication channel with the client. At this time, what the users value the most is personalized attention and the trust to enter a new product to their homes. It is also possible to keep track of user satisfaction about the product.
  • If the business did not consider home delivery before the pandemic, this will be essential at this point as a sales channel, while users regain confidence in going outside and returning to public facilities on a recurring basis.

Which of these measures do you apply to your shipments?