Digital marketing, its importance and the first steps you should take

| October 28, 2020 | Articles


Derived from the covid-19 pandemic and the so-called new normal, consumer habits changed dramatically. People stopped going out to work, for a walk or to play, and now spend most of their time at home. The pandemic has closed many doors, it is true, but it has also opened many others. For example, that of digital marketing, a tool that — well used — can bring countless benefits and increase sales for SMEs that have not yet explored this option.

Let’s start with the basics, the definition of marketing: a set of techniques or strategies that are used to study and understand the behavior of markets, the commercial management of companies and, very importantly, the needs of our users and consumers.

Then, the 4Ps of marketing: product, price, point of sale and promotion. In order to implement a digital marketing strategy, you must first make sure you have a general marketing strategy, which must be based on the 4Ps.

According to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School (IEBS), located in Spain, digital marketing consists of creating customized products and services distributed from social networks, which provide the possibility of measuring everything that happens to improve the customer experience of specific businesses.

In that context, let’s start by remembering the alliance that Mastercard and Leaf Grow have made to boost small businesses in their digital marketing strategies. With a 50% discount in the first three months (available until July 2021), this is a digital marketing services tool to easily create, manage and optimize campaigns in social networks, mainly Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

This alliance also involves Facebook, as it gives access to its e-learning platform with more than 90 modules, and Twitter, which helps businesses master their advertising on this social network through its Flight School.

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In addition to relying on platforms like Leaf Grow, you can start a digital marketing strategy by following a few simple steps based on the knowledge you have of your market:

  • Definition of objectives Whether it’s for increasing customers, launching products or simply making your business known, this item is very important to delimit the objectives of the digital marketing strategy, measure the results and define goals.
  • Focusing attention It is very important not to get distracted and want to over-extend yourself in a strategy. At the same time, messages should be created for each type of social network. Tools like Canva can be a good alternative in visual design; there is a free version available, which is very easy to use.
  • Listening to the audience Another virtue of digital marketing is the real-time interaction with the audience. It is very important to analyze the messages of the users, to avoid getting hooked on negative messages and to pay attention to the propositional criticism or recommendations that your users can bring in.
  • Segmentation For each campaign, you can select a specific profile — such as age, gender and purchasing power, among other aspects, as a specific location or city —, with the aim of designing a particular product that meets the needs and interests of your customers. 
  • Media It is very important to define in which digital media the strategy will be executed and that depends a lot on your segmentation and target audience. Is it on Facebook? Do they read news on Twitter? Do they spend a lot of time on Instagram? Is it necessary to create a newsletter (for which there are excellent tools such as MailChimp)?
  • Adjustment on the go (optimization) Digital marketing offers the possibility to make changes in the path to focus the strategy and achieve the objectives set out; again, thanks to all the data delivered by the platforms and the real-time interaction of the users.

In addition to a good digital marketing strategy, it is worth remembering that one semester after the covid-19 pandemic hit, the lack of technological tools is still one of the weak points for small businesses in Latin America. 

For example, according to a GoDaddy survey, in Colombia, only 50% of small businesses have their own website, while the remaining half think or plan to have a web platform.

If you have already taken your first steps in digital marketing and want to try other type of services and platforms, a useful tool could be HubSpot, which offers a wide range of services from improving your online visibility to conversational bots, e-mail marketing, social networks and customer surveys.

In this article you have access to some of the tools that technology giants have enabled for SMEs to design and manage their own website. From Google and Facebook, among other firms, which will provide you with a significant amount of resources, mostly free, to build an attractive website that will help your business to recover.