Cybersecurity. The other threat to SMEs

| October 30, 2020 | Articles


Even though before the covid-19 crisis computer crimes were already considered the main threat to organizations, during the pandemic they have increased their presence and have turned on alerts about the serious and numerous affectations a company can face.

To set an example in Latin America, according to the Specialized Committee on Information Security, an advisory body to National Security Council of Mexico, during the months of health contingency the number of cyberattacks on companies, government institutions and individuals worldwide has increased by up to 400%.

In its financial stability report, Banco de México explains that attackers are taking advantage of the fact that a large number of people are working from home and that companies have given their collaborators greater flexibility to access employment information outside their facilities.

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The Mexican government’s document highlights that the identified attacks are aimed at affecting the communication channels between employees and the company, as well as the applications used by collaborators, through campaigns to try to steal access keys and passwords (the so-called phishing emails). On the other hand, financial institutions have detected an increase in fraud attempts in Internet purchases, which, due to health distancing measures, have increased and have a greater exposure surface. 

Given this reality of an increasingly connected world, it is very important that you begin to consider cybersecurity as a fundamental part of your business and, as far as possible, invest in surveillance and prevention tools that reduce the risk of computer crime in your organization. To do this, you can rely on large companies that have developed accessible products, and in the current moment of crisis, offer free alternatives in cybersecurity.

For example, the firms and solutions owned by Mastercard, RiskRecon and ID Theft Protection are an alternative for SMEs to strengthen their cybersecurity, a gateway to threats from the outside that have begun to concern specialists, in view of the remote work and the use of applications that must have strict surveillance measures.

The products offered by Mastercard provide free tools valid until December 31st, 2020, ranging from ongoing assessments of the health of the systems, as well as recommendations on how to strengthen the position with respect to cybersecurity.

RiskRecon uses secure, non-invasive techniques to evaluate and manage enterprise cybersecurity through 40 criteria covering thousands of security controls. Among the requirements to access the free assessment is to have 200 employees or less. RiskRecon offers the following assessment benefits:

Internet Surface Discovery:

  • Known and unknown fingerprint
  • Hosting providers
  • Geolocation

Comprehensive security evaluation:

  • Software Patches
  • Network Filtering
  • Web Application Security
  • Web Encryption
  • IP Reputation
  • Email Security
  • DNS Security
  • Defensiveness
  • Data Loss 

Mastercard also allows small and medium sized companies to better monitor and resolve identity theft through its ID Theft Protection solution. This application provides proactive monitoring and resolution of identity theft threats, sending immediate alerts of suspicious activity in order to take preventive measures.

Consider using these tools, which will help you ensure the protection of your company’s identity and information.

To learn more about RiskRecon click here and for more information on Mastercard’s cybersecurity solutions click on this link.