30% discount on franchise development

ABOUT US: For the last 18 years, Franchising Company SRL has been dedicated to the development of franchises and the marketing of franchises and legal instrumentation. We have more than 150 developed brands and we have granted more than 1,000 franchises in Argentina and the world.

OUR SERVICE: FRANCHISE DEVELOPMENT is a consulting service, which takes about 4 months. It includes consulting and development of all the material a company needs to franchise their business: Definition of the business model to be franchised / Formatting the franchise / Dossier Franchise presentation / Initial investment / Definition of the International Fee and Master Fee, Royalty and Advertising Canon / Cash Flow / Breakeven / Markup / Recovery / Development of the franchise operating manual.

EXCLUSIVE BENEFIT FOR MASTERCARD BUSINESS CARDS* When you pay with your MASTERCARD BUSINESS Card, you will receive an exclusive discount of 30%, i.e., in a franchise development of USD 15,000, you save USD 4,500!

TARGET: Any business is “clonable” franchise, as long as it has a registered trademark, an attractive and differential business concept, and can offer acceptable levels of profitability to the franchisee.

* Exclusive benefit for MasterCard Business cardholders in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

For more information, contact: marcelo@franchising-company.com

+ 54-11-4831-4641

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