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Comercio Exterior de RGX, Red Global de Exportación

¿Necesita encontrar clientes o proveedores en el exterior? ¿Quiere ser asesorado sobre como seleccionar el mercado ideal para comenzar a exportar o importar?
Contacte con un Experto en Comercio Internacional de RGX que le ayude en el crecimiento de su negocio en el exterior.
Inicie, gracias a la alianza  entre MasterCard y RGX, su solicitud de coaching gratuito a través del email o completando el formulario debajo.
En menos de 48hs un consultor de RGX lo contactará para asistirlo

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RGX Online
RGX Online
RGX is an international consulting firm with presence in 53 countries worldwide working to assist exporting companies in their process of internationalization. Our global presence and our knowledge of each market allows us to work with companies in the country of origin and in the destination country, accompanying companies throughout the process and facilitating their negotiations. With 17 years of experience, our access to the SMB segment is due in large part to our work as partners and suppliers of content, training, and consulting services for more than 700 chambers of commerce and business associations and different areas of government to implement projects and growth strategies for small and medium-sized exporting companies. Our extensive knowledge and access to SMBs and our close relationship with governments, chambers of commerce and business associations is the reason why multinational companies choose us to assist them with the creation, development, and implementation of various projects for the acquisition, understanding and conversion of the segment.

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